Enriched activities

Talents123 exclusively offers a diverse set of extracurricular activities as part of the daily program. Activities are administered by outsourced experienced specialists, providing proficient support to our team and enhancing the children’s experience.


Accommodating the different age groups, all activities are designed to stimulate children’s creativity and self expression. These activities encourage the children to interact with others, utilize their five senses and exercise their fine and gross motor skills. Such experience opens the way to growth and learning, helping our children develop physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially.


Our enriched activities program includes:

Our music class combines songs, rhymes, finger play, dance, musical instruments and creative movement in a fun, engaging and age-appropriate lessons.  This class will be taught for all age groups, including our infants’ class. 


By using nature and animal themed activities, different yoga postures, movement, songs and stories, children stimulate their imagination and learn to be creative with their bodies. Children will also improve their concentration abilities and understand balance and relaxation through meditation and breathing exercises.


2D & 3D Arts and Crafts
Through arts and crafts, children will have the opportunity to learn about different artists and explore various material, different techniques and art form including collage, papier-mache and quilting. Our young artists are encouraged to develop their unique artistic voice through creativity and imagination. 


Creative Dance  
Incorporating a fine balance between fun, creativity, music and movement, children will learn simple steps and choreography created by our professional instructor. Our creative dance program will rotate different dance forms on a seasonal basis from funky feet to hip hop.