Talents123’s state of the art facility is centrally located in Nun's Island's “Centre Le Village” Commercial Center, offering unmatched convenience for our clients.


Our facility is designed by a Architectural and Interior Design company profoundly known for their meticulousness to quality and their creative, intelligent, functional and simple design philosophy. Coupling their expertise with our vision, the facility is designed to promote learning and development in a calm, playful, bright, safe & eco-friendly environment.


Our environment is an integral part of the learning process, custom made for the developmental level and the unique needs of the children in each age group.


All our furniture and materials are Eco-Friendly. We use the highest quality educational materials & toys certified green, made from natural toxic free ecological dies.


Small group classrooms
We maintain one teacher per classroom ratio, with a maximum of eight to ten children per class. The small class setting enables special care and attention to each child.


Indoor Gymnasium & Exploration Center
Our facilities include a large fully equipped indoor Gymnasium and Exploration Centre, containing a play structure, climbing wall and life-like wooden kitchen and toys.


The gym is the heart of where our enriched activities and several weekend activities take place.


Outdoor playground
In addition, we have a spacious outdoor play ground & garden suitable for all age groups. Our playground holds a multi activity play structure, sand box and playhouse were the children can play and have fun while getting plenty of fresh air. The garden has a planting area where children engage in outdoor learning projects.