Talents123 hosts many in school events and organizes several outings, were parents join in the fun and have the opportunity to get to know Talntes123 team and be part of their children’s development. 


Our special events and outings are selected according to our monthly themes, seasonal events and any special occasion happening in the world.

We celebrate many seasonal events including traditional Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s, Mother’s and Father’s day.  We also host our Science Fair, Creative Dance and Art Exhibit shows.

Here at Talents123, we commemorate each child’s birthday; On the special day, the birthday boy or girl gets a special hat or crown while our nutritionist prepares a special treat for the classroom to enjoy.

Special community guests are invited all year long such as a Doctor, Fireman and Police Officer to talk about several topics including healthy habits and safety.

We organize 4 to 5 field trips per year, rotating every year to give the children of each age group the opportunity to explore various fun filled outings including Apple and Pumpkin Picking, Sugar Shack, Biodome, Montreal Science Centre and The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  





Special events

Here are a few of our special events:


Earth Day Celebration
Here at Talents123, children are taught from day one how to care for their environment, recycle and rationalize waste. We take this opportunity to celebrate earth day in which everyone dresses in green and spreads environmental awareness.


Around the world in 30days
Each classroom ‘travels’ to a country and explores their culture, folklore, music, dress and cuisine. Parents can join us and ‘travel’ around the world with their little ones from one country to another while getting their Talents123 passport stamped. 


Art Exhibition
Children learn about a specific artist and get inspired in creating their own masterpieces.  Parents are invited to come to Talents123 art exhibit to get amazed with our collection of paintings, drawing, 3D art installations and sculptures prepared especially by the children. 


Graduation is about endings and beginnings; we celebrate this special occasion with a ceremony that is followed by a gathering of family and friends. Our graduates prepare a special show and each of our blossoming 4’s receives an individual certificate at the special ceremony.


Here are a few of our unique outings:


Welcome yearly Picnic
We always like to start the school year with a picnic in one of the charming parks in Nun’s Island. We welcome new and current parents as well as it’s a great opportunity to meet everyone and get to know Talents123 team. 


Visiting a Farm
Visiting a farm is a wonderful educational and entertaining activity for children. Children look at and explore the different plants and animals. They engage in fun activities such as planting some seeds, watering the plants and feeding the animals.

Career Day
Children visit Musee pour Enfants de Laval and learn about the different trades and professions. Understanding different careers can inspire children and create an interest in a new subject.