Mom & Baby Separation Program


We at Talents123 believe that the separation process should not be rushed and that both parent and child need to feel comfortable in the transition from home to daycare environment.


Our unique Separation Program is designed to gradually separate the child from his/her parents and smoothly transition into the daycare environment.  We gently encourage the child to explore and get familiar with the environment and educators, while establishing trust, confidence and independence to develop a positive attitude for the child’s first experience at the childcare centre.

Infant (5-18m)



Our specially designed Infant classroom offers your child a warm, caring and stimulating environment nurturing them to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and socially at their own pace while developing a sense of security and trust. 


Our gentle approach welcomes our infants, encourages them to interact with people, explore and discover their environment using their five senses and fine and motor skill coordination while developing concepts of abstract learning. 


Infants exercise and obtain new skills through our wide range of age appropriate toys, games, finger play, rhythms, songs, stories and simple art activities. Our Infants also experience Music classes with our specialist; learn new vocabularies, simple movements, motivate self expression and creativity and simply have fun and enjoy the music.

















Curious 2’s


Our Curious 2's classrooms emphasizes on hands on approach to learning, encouraging children to explore many types of activities including building, stacking, pouring liquids, painting and water and sand play. Curiosity leads children to ask questions, investigate and think for themselves as they acquire skills.


We encourage self-reliance and independence through ‘practical life’ exercises using special Montessori materials. Children learn how to dress themselves, brush their teeth, sweep, garden and put their toys away allowing them to take an active part in their own household and school.


Through role-play and imitation, our Curious 2’s simulate real life events enhancing their problem solving and reasoning abilities.


Children expand their Language and communication skills through conversation, stories, songs, games and activities. Simple mathematic concepts including basic counting, notion of size and quantity are also introduced. 


Our highly dedicated team and distinctive atmosphere where joy and respect abound, allows our Curious 2’s to flourish socially and emotionally while learning positive social and behavioral values.

Exploring 3’s


Our Exploring 3’s classroom setting is arranged in a methodical way, from simple to complex sections: practical life, sensorial, science, math and language arts. Each section emphasizes on experiences that lay the subconscious groundwork for developing specific academic skills.


Pre-writing and pre-reading skills are introduced at this stage. Using specific Waldorf, Reggio Emilia and Montessori materials and techniques, children learn comprehension skills of reading and writing; identify the letters and draw them. They will further learn mathematical concepts and exercises to expand their counting and focusing abilities.


Furthermore, we extend the Exploring 3’s awareness of their world and community, engaging them in discussion and prepared activities about history, cultural diversity and important world events.












Blossoming 4’s 



Our blossoming 4’s program is specifically designed to prepare children for a smooth transition from preschool to kindergarten. Through our bilingual pre-kindergarten preparation program; the children experience and practice a “full day” at school engaging in Language, Mathematics and Science activities. Children learn to read and write, use letters and numbers and further expand their knowledge about the world around them.


Integrating the new interactive technology based learning into our curriculum SMART board, children engage in pre-math and pre-witting exercises, explore maps and much more.


We support our Blossoming 4’s in building a positive personal identity as they mature and start slowly acquiring their sense of self and self-esteem. Through various group and individual activities, children learn how to resolve conflicts and situations in a mature and positive way.


Moreover, our program continuously promotes creativity and self-expression through our diverse activities, extracurricular program and special events and outings.