Admission Request
Step 1: Complete the Child Profile Form

Download Child Profile Form

Step 2:  Send the completed form by email to, titled Talents123 – Admission Request

Please allow a processing time of approximately 7 business days, we will send you an email with information concerning our program, tuition fees, application documents and procedures.

Application and Wait List

Step 3:  Complete the Application Form with the correspond application fee

Step 4: Mail application form and application fee
             Att: Talents123 Educational Center Inc.
             40 Place du Commerce, Suite 7
             Nun’s Island, QC, H3E 1J6

At this time you will have completed all necessary steps and you will be notified if a spot is available otherwise you will be added automatically to our waitlist. No time estimation is available regarding when a place will become available.

Once a position becomes available you will be contacted by phone to schedule a private tour and finalize your registration.

Open House

We have organized two open houses per year to give a chance for all families to come and tour our facility and meet our team.

For open house dates, please contact us at and we will add your email to our open house invitation list.




Talents123 provides the parents with the flexibility of choosing to enroll full time or part time during the week.


For more detailed information on pricing structure, please contact us.

Government refund

Whether enrolled part time or full time, parents can take full advantage of all allowable Federal and Provincial refundable tax credits. Provincial refund is as a function of household total gross income and ranges between 25% to 75%. In addition, you can request that MRQ pay you the tax credit in advance (monthly installments).


Upon admission, Talents123 will provide all the necessary forms and information to facilitate the process of application to the government.


For more information and to determine the applicable refund, please visit this site:


Canada Revenue Agency: