Our Team

Each and every one of our team members is carefully chosen for their high qualifications and experience as well as their warm, nurturing and caring nature, to ensure the best care and positive role models for your child. 


All educators are highly qualified with extensive experience in early childhood education and related fields. 


Going beyond the MFA requirement of having 2 out of 3 staff qualified, Talents123 Educators are 100% qualified ensuring every classroom is lead by a qualified teacher.


Continuous development
Our staff is provided with additional development opportunities and yearly staff evaluation ensuring they are always up to date in the latest teaching techniques and training in childhood behaviors management. All staff will go through an immersion course of Talents123 philosophies designed to ensure our highest standards and alignment of our approach.


Pedagogical Advisor  
Emma Jane McGillivray our pedagogical advisor , has over 10 years of experience working with teachers and children. In addition to her Master’s in Education Curriculum Studies from Mcgill University, she holds several Bachelor degrees with distinction including Educational studies, Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education. Mrs. Emma built Talents123’s  exclusive Educational Curriculum making Talents123 program one of a kind and focused around our philosophies and objectives.