Our Educational Curriculum is built by a University Professor specialized in Early Childhood Curriculum studies. Merging the best of Waldorf, Montessori and Reggio Emilia techniques, the curriculum is designed exclusively for Talents123; encompassing the fundamentals of our philosophy.


Our program is designed to accommodate the different development levels and unique needs of each child. Our curriculum and enriched activities encourage discovery and imagination, build independence self esteem and plants the joy of learning in every child.


Our educational philosophy revolves around promoting the joy of learning by nourishing our children’s marvelous wonder, curiosity and imagination helping them realize their full potential as intelligent, ingenious, whole individuals.


Social and Environmental Awareness
Our unique program promotes sustainability, social responsibility and environmental awareness. Children are taught from day one how to care for their environment, recycle and rationalize waste.  The 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) are an integral part of the daily activities. Selected classrooms contain a small green house, where children grow and learn how to take care of plants.


Positive Habits and Manners
It is important for children to learn lifelong healthy habits and good hygiene to keep themselves clean and healthy. Learning proper table manners and etiquette are also an essential part of our daily schedule.


Daily and Monthly Plan
All classes have a daily schedule and prepared lesson plans with specific objectives and activities. The children engage in sensorial, language, math, science and art activities.


Physical activity is extremely important so our unique facility and extracurricular activities gives many opportunities for the children to exercise daily both indoor and out.


Children are presented with a different theme each month; our themes include learning about Cultural diversity, Geography, History, and Literature. Children gain knowledge of the different themes through discussion, arts and crafts, stories, songs, movement and related activities and field trips.


Child Performance Feedback
A personal agenda for each child is provided to record daily information about their appetite, bowl movement, behavior and special accomplishments to maintain a strong parent-teacher communication.   We also conduct several evaluations per year that follow with parent-teacher meetings.